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The Center for Banking and Finance

In September 1994, Far East Bank and Trust Company and the Asian Institute of Management launched the JBF Center in honor of the late Philippine Central Bank Governor Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. The Center’s mandate focuses on the encouragement of research and discussion of issues in the financial services industry, the improvement of the competence of Asian financial managers, the forging of beneficial alliances among business institutions in Asia, and the promotion of Asian arts and culture in the business community.

The objectives of the JBF Center are as follows:NPC.pdf

To conduct research on policy issues that affects the banking industry and other allied services in the financial and capital markets in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region.

To train and develop competent managers for the banking and financial services industries in the region.

To promote the forging of beneficial business alliances in the region.

To provide a forum for the discussion of important issues affecting the banking and finance sectors.


To promote in the business community an appreciation for the Asian arts and culture in the business community.

The Center’s activities reflect Governor Fernandez’s own dedication to the general improvement of the Asian financial services industry. His pursuit of institutional changes towards a more efficient and stable financial system for the country continues, in partnership with AIM, through the center that bears his name.


JBF Center for Banking and Finance Framework for Dynamic and Benificial Alliances




The Gov. Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. Center for Banking and Finance works on a dynamic collaboration with the academe, civil society, and the banking and financial services industry to attain the vision of the late Central Bank Governor Fernandez for a more efficient and stable financial system for the country as well as the molding of competent Asian financial managers.

This alliance is done through public lectures and seminars, backed by competent researches, for global financial and banking personalities to impart their own views on current issues and concerns affecting the industry. Part of this are lecture series, roundtable discussions that provide a venue for the exchange of ideas and perspectives coming from the multiple sectors affected by the banking and financial industry.

The outputs of these endeavors become catalysts to further develop the competence of faculty members who spearhead researchers and mold the minds of future business and financial leaders in Asia. In effect, the researches become basis for further discussions during lectures and seminars.

The JBF Center follows through a framework that benefits all the corners of its alliance. The collaborative work gains through mutual benefit.