PUBLICATION: Who’s Afraid of Financing?

Who's Afraid of Financing? How to overcome fear of financial risks
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whos-afraid-of-financing.jpgThat Japan is not oblivious to the needs of its Asian neighbors following the crisis was made clear by the Special Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister of Japan. Mr. Toyoo Gyohten cited the critical role his country should assume in the recovery process of Asia. His lecture was one of several in a series launched in 1998 by the Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. Center for Banking and Finance. Who’s Afraid of Financing: How to Overcome Fear of Financial Risks is a compilation of the lectures delivered in the said series. The lectures covered such diverse topics as international and Philippine models of alternative credit delivery systems to the poor, corporate risk management, the Philippine experience in LGU financing and banking with the poor, among others.

It also features the 2nd Annual Memorial Lecture delivered by Mr. Toyoo Gyohten, Chairman of the Board, Bank of Tokyo entitled: "The Role of Japan in the Recovery of Asian Economies."

The book covers such diverse topics:

  • International Models of Alternative Financial Delivery Systems for the Poor
  • Philippine Models of Delivering Credit to the Poor
  • The Community Bank of the Poor
  • Banking with the Poor in the Philippines: Prospects for Viability
  • The Philippine Experience in LGU Financing
  • Corporate and Risk Management: A Strategic and Operational Approach
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • The Role of Japan in the Recovery of Asian Economies


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