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The JBF Center regularly features a select few speeches and about issues concerning the banking and financial services sectors relevant to the times. These speeches were delivered by key figures in business, politics, and the academe.

The collection of speeches tries to encapsulize the banking and financial concerns of the present time. These speeches are carefully chosen to represent the diverse topics that may prove helpful and significant to users. these speeches provide point-of-view solutions and suggestions to classic case problems besetting the finance industry and the banking institution.

Consequently, the problems illustrated in the speeches may familiarize business leaders and financial analysts with the signs as they come in the future. Solutions to the problem may come in handy and be replicated in the future. However, the lessons to be learned from these selected speeches do not promise to be the messiah of the banking system and the financial sector.

Let these serve as guide and beacon lights to steer corporations and finance individuals toward the ideal path.


This speech written and delivered in 1981 talks on how and what management can do about certain issues surrounding the banking system. It touches on the management of inflation to deter it from causing a long-term cumulative effect on the operations of a bank and a business.

It reminds financial managers to be always on toes, to pay attention to little mistakes that may cause a year's effort for improvement.

"Financial institutions are not immune from the effects of the long-standing inflationary pressures that affect all of us today and which, by cumulating each year, progressively worsen our situation. Whether absorbed from abroad or by our own making, inflation exercises a complete and final impact on financial institutions which cannot quite be shifted to clients... Current regulatory environment calls for keener competition in both the funding and lending sides of business...The task of managing financial institutions demand mental alertness, requires (us) to be on guard, to make difficult decisions that test the relationships between us and our friends."

The relevance of the topic to present times outdate the circa and speech.

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